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Paco Cavallo Farm's Horses

Like all other animal lovers, we take load of photos of our animals. Click here for the "Minis" Photos.

These two horses, "Sammy" big red guy in the forefront, and the little pinto mare behind him is "Tinkerbelle". I trained both of these horses to drive, and function with handicapped children for Rolling Ridge Riding Ring.  Kathryn David, the owner/operator of Rolling Ridge, took this picture at her farm on one of our very snow days.

"Hi, Mom, What do you think of this " beautiful Bod??" - This is JR.

I am working on a 2 day old filly.
Sometimes these little ones fight to
the "finish" or just "take a nap" and pray
it will all go away, when they wake up!

This is my new Shetland. He is a 13 year old gelding. He is going to be fit in the therapeutic program for a couple of the kids that cannot sit a big horse. I think he looks lie General Lee's horse Traveler. We got him from Rhapsody Rhoads.

Paco Cavallo's Dear Heart "Sally" - born 6/25/09

Paco Cavallo's My Golden Dream with Amanda

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Now, this is what I call "horseshoes!"

Hay Good Lookin'!!!

Our New Baby!! Toby 5/2009


Eclipse - my First Mini


National Champion Res
Sue & Dreamcatcher - 1997

The Three Amigos: Grosshill's Eygptian Kings Soulman, Lucky Fours Golds Gadabout and Little Kings Cherokee Kid

Look at that straight back!!!

The things I do for kids!
Cheyenne at Bible School Hot Dog Supper

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"What is this thing?"

Group discussion about the strange object in the middle.  It's a creek turtle that wandered into their pasture.


With my friend, Chris Stevens, and Paco Cavallo's Red Ryder - DOB 7/25/03.

Sire Lucky Fours Golds Gadabout
Dam Pursley's Little Red

Above: Laci & Lil Soul Playing Ball

Below: Tiny Man headed for the goal line

Lil Laci 2005- Satin N' Lace

Just having a lazy day.

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Foal kisses are the best!

Bless My Soul - Soulman's only filly, 1999

Left: Liberty with Gem Gem
Right: Lacy with Madison

Philadelphia Freedom -DOB 4/12/02


Little Man


"Max" 2 years


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Bless my Soul with Little Man (right)

Little Man with Mr. Clinton (donkey)

Dakota Star "Cody". Offspring of 2 time Grand National Champ, Frog Levels Hot Pockets.

Bronze Star

Cindy and Bronze Star

Sierra Gold DOB: 4/10/03

Lady (left), Cindy and Prince (white with brown)

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Lil Dancer: Rescued at 2 months. 

Pulled from mother because she couldn't provide enough milk and almost died.

Kid Sundancer 6/2/01

Lady and Heartz Lil Dezire

Heartz Dezire

Frolic Hans (JR's Sire)

Red Ryder


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Del with Liberty in background

Hannibal and Rio (background)

Mia Isabella 6/12/2000

Mia Isabella Born 1999

Another Isabelle.  A mare involved in a "re-homing" project in 2008.

Polly. Very nice mare trained to cart in 2008.

Hannah and Lady (black)

"Luv ya Mom!"  Hannah and Lady (in 2003)

Lil Soul 2005

Hannibal and Duke (dog)

Dragon Fly - "Mr. T"

Dragon Fly in training to drive - 2009

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